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So Scottsdale – From Ethiopia, With Love

So Scottsdale
On the surface, Keri deGuzman appears like many Scottsdale mothers with young children-chicly dressed and shutting kids between pick-ups and drop-odds, doctor’s appointments and check-ups for her children. But is not as it might appear…

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ASU Architecture Students Travel to Ethiopia for Humanitarian Design Projects

Every April, faculty members at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts meet with graduate architecture students to present options for a half-dozen or so international studio courses. It’s a chance for professors to “sell” their programs, but adjunct professor Jack DeBartolo 3 takes a somewhat different approach.


Shebraber School – EthiopiaStudio 2.0

Arch DailyShebraber School is a collaborative project designed by EthiopiaStudio2.0, a second-generation team of eleven Arizona State University M.Arch graduate students, led by practicing local architect Jack DeBartolo 3.

[The] students had the unique opportunity to travel to a remote village community 120 miles southwest of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, Africa, to research, develop, and design new classrooms and administration buildings for a school serving children within a 10km radius, many of whom walk hours for the chance to attend.

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Changing by designPhoenix Magazine

On New Year’s Eve in 2009, Phoenix architect Jack DeBartolo III took his wife and three children to an Old Town bicycle shop, where his life and countless others a continent away would be forever changed. Read more.

An Ethiopian adoption story

deGuzman FamilyBrian and Keri deGuzman clasped hands as they walked down the narrow, dark hallway of a small but carefully kept foster home in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They peeked through the doorway of a small bedroom. Respectfully, and as they had been instructed, they removed their shoes before stepping from the checkerboard tile floor onto a fabric mat that served as a play space for six babies who slept in two yellow wooden cribs partitioned to accommodate three babies each.

Three of the babies were on the floor with their Ethiopian caregivers. Keri and Brian recognized their two children immediately. Read more.

Behind the Zine by Karen Barr

Karen Barr Karen Barr is the publisher, editor, and founder of Raising Arizona Kids magazine. She had the extraordinary privilege to travel with the deGuzmans on their third trip to Ethiopia to bring home their last two children. Karen shares this intimate experience every step of the way through her blog post on Behind the Zine flagged Ethiopia.

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Raising Arizona Kids

Raising Arizona Kids This web-exclusive article supplements our May 2009 print feature story, “Oh, Mama!” in which we published the essays of the winning cover mom and the two runners up from our 2009 Mother’s Day cover mom contest.

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